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Create Bitletter NFT

Your Bitletter NFT was minted successfully, Here is your BitID:

Getting Started

    To create your Bitletter, follow these simple steps:
  1. Connect Your Metamask
  2. Switch networks to Goerli Testnet (If it's not available, click the "Show test networks" button)
  3. Message: Feel free to input the text you'd like to broadcast onto the blockchain; it can be absolutely anything your heart desires. For instance, you might choose to craft a heartfelt prayer for someone, pen an enduring love message, or share your most cherished wishes.
  4. Upload Image: If you possess a precious image of a special memory or someone dear to your heart that you wish to permanently engrave on the blockchain, this is the space to upload it. Let's ensure these cherished moments stand the test of time, eternally preserved. Remember you can add both image and message or just one. It's your call.
  5. Copy ID: Should you want to safeguard your Bitletter ID for future reference or share it with others, don't hesitate to copy it as soon as it's minted. Additionally, you can utilize the 'Explorer' tab to effortlessly locate the message associated with your unique BitID.
Discover a truly unique way to create and share lasting memories, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. With Bitletter, you have the power to immortalize cherished moments and transform them into heartfelt gifts for those you hold dear. Imagine crafting beautiful memories and gifting them to family and friends, allowing them to relive those special moments over and over again. As you create these precious memories, they find their forever home on the blockchain, ensuring their permanence. After crafting your memory, you'll receive a distinctive Message ID. This identifier not only lets you revisit your own memories but also provides an opportunity to share them as thoughtful, blockchain-powered gifts. It's a unique way to express your love and create lasting connections through the magic of technology and emotion.